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Performance Fabrics

When you think of performance fabrics, you think of outdoor furniture.  However, performance fabrics have made a major move into the home. Because of the surge in the open floor concept and the phasing out of the formal dining and living room, the furniture in the kitchen and family room is being more actively used on a daily basis.  In order to provide more durable and cleanable fabrics, leading fabric brands have increased their selection of performance fabrics.


The qualities of performance fabrics make them a perfect fit for today’s current lifestyle.  They are made to be durable, resistance to soil and stains, and easy to clean.  Our leading manufacturers have developed a collection of performance fabrics unique to their specific brand and therefore will differ in types, colors, and price. Each performance fabric has a specific purpose.  Where and how you plan to use your furniture will determine your choice of performance fabric.
Sunbrella is the most well-known performance fabric and is the premier brand for outdoor furniture. The fabric is 100% solution dyed so that color is embedded all through each fiber. This process makes the fabric fade resistant to sunlight and bleach cleanable. Summer Classics, one of HFF’s leading outdoor furniture companies, features an exclusive line of vibrant Sunbrella fabrics and even has added a “dream” waterproof lined cushion.  Because Sunbrella resists fading from the sun, it would be an ideal fabric to use in the east/west rooms in the home or other inside areas exposed to sunlight.

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Another type of performance fabric, Crypton, has the highest level of liquid repellency and stain release than other performance fabrics.  Therefore, Crypton not only works well with outdoor furniture but just as well in dining room and family room areas. Spills bead up and will not soak into the cushion.  Crypton actually helps prevent stains from happening in the first place!  Leading fabric brands are offering Crypton in their luxury designer collections like the Dana Gibson line for StroheimKravet launched a new Crypton line called Candy and Toffee in March and will offer two more lines this summer. Wesley Hall has customized Crypton fabrics to coordinate with many of its popular color palettes.


Revolution, another alternative in performance fabric, is made of polypropylene-olefin yarn.  It is easy to clean, extremely durable, practically unstainable, and fade resistant.  Revolution costs less than the other performance fabrics; however, it does not have the liquid repellent quality. Bassett offers Revolution fabrics in its married cover program, and HFF carries samples of these fabrics in our library.

Performance fabric may cost more but it stays cleaner and lasts longer. According to Wesley Hall, you will “sacrifice nothing for performance sake.” Infact, performance fabrics definitely out performs its counter partners.